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Provide customers a fully customizable dining platform in the palm of their hands. Restaurants will love it because it doesn't cut into their bottom-line and offers them a large pool of customer to market to without the hidden costs and revenue schemes employed by the competition.

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Worldwide, smartphones are the most widely available communication, for purchasing, event organizing, social networking and sharing platforms. We wanted to create an exciting platform that gives foodies direct ...

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Users can treat themselves to a complete prepaid dining experience.

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Users can create events, invite each other, pay prior to arriving at restaurant and celebrate together.

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Menu choices created by restaurants specifically for Sendfie users.

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Users can snap and share photos of their dining experience with friends and families in their circle.

Restaurant signup is a snap!

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Why Sendfie?

How is it different?

Designed with practicality in mind. It combines food with fun. Friends and family can organize and meet for dinner or send pre-paid dinner invite to each other (tax and tip included) prior to arrival at restaurant, plan events, snap and share photos of their dinner time out, and enjoy great offers directly from their favourite restaurants. Great for special events, anniversaries, dating, socializing, mixers, thank you's.


Give Foodies and Restaurants their own platform where both can directly interact with each other for an exciting dining experience.


Allow users to place and pay for their orders prior to arriving at their restaurant of choice. Dine without having to worry about splitting the check table side.


A marketplace for restaurants to attract customers, market their cuisines and promote daily promos and specials without breaking the bank.


Give restaurants genuine reviews, snap and share dining experience with friends and families.

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